6500 is the number of diapers an average baby would use in the first two years of their life. And you, as their parents, will have to face that massive amount of diaper and a long time changing it. It’s endless, and that’s why a changing table is essential.

Choosing the best changing table is not only to save your back from hurting by bowing down and changing diapers for your baby. It also gives you beautiful storage, and what’s better than having everything ready just in one space when you’re doing the work? It keeps your house tidy, keeps everything clean and neat while providing a safe position to change diapers for your lovely baby.

But we know, just like buying any other piece of furniture, you will have many things to consider. Here, we’ll break down every little detail on how to choose the best changing table for your baby. From storage tips to safety instruction, here we have them all. Come on in.

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The Best Changing Table: Basic Ideas

As you may wonder, do you need a changing table? You can do fine with changing a diaper for your baby on any surface or counter. However, it doesn’t give you the necessary support to do the job well. We know you love your little baby really much, but when it comes to diapers, no one loves that mess.

A changing table will give your baby extra safety when waiting for you to change for them. As first-time parents, you’ll easily get tired and distracted, and with a normal changing diaper surface, it’s dangerous for your baby. Of course you’ll still need to keep an eye on them, but changing tables also have a storage space for you.

This is where you can store all fresh diapers, baby wipes, creams and other essentials for your baby. No more worrying about where stuff is, it’s all there, available for every changing session. And what’s best about it? You can choose the material, height and design to keep your house aesthetic intact.

Selecting The Best Changing Table – How To:

There are many small details you should focus on to choose the best changing table for your baby. You’ll be using this item for at least two years, and then it can still serve as a small storage space. Due to those reasons, this is an investment piece for every first-time parent.

Material: With this product, you can find there are way too many materials on the market currently. Wood, plastic or metal, that all depends on you. However, our advice is to go for the wooden changing table. Not only is it simple, elegant; it’s also a more beautiful house decoration item. Also plain wood contains no chemicals that could do harm to your baby.

Height: Don’t go for a standard size when it comes to height. Since it’s a wide range of height, choose the one that makes you feel most comfortable working with. Decide who in your family will do the diaper work the most and select a height suitable for that person.

Safety: This feature is actually essential to consider for your baby. Make sure that there are no sharp edges, nothing your baby can grab or choke on. One more essential detail you should look at when buying a changing table is safely rails. This will avoid your baby from rolling around and hurt. And don’t forget to check for stability. The best changing pad that you choose should be durable and stable enough to withstand some weight.

Comfort: Your baby will spend a tremendous amount of time here, and so do you. So when buying a changing table, make sure that it’s comfortable for you baby. Ask yourself if you’ll need some waterproof pads underneath to make the surface softer to you baby.

Cleaning: To save a huge bunch of your time, choose a changing table that can be clean with ease. You’ll not want to be stuck with some unpleasant dirt for a while. In this case, try to stay away from plastic products. They can’t be cleaned properly and with retail odor through times.

Mobility: Don’t let yourself be stuck at only one space. A good changing table that comes with small wheels but can leave stable and secure later is a helping hand. You’ll not know when and where your baby will need a change, so make everything mobility.

Versatile: A changing table is a piece that you’ll use continuously for 2 or 3 years. Then you’ll have to think of what to do with it. So for future purposes and less wasting, you can use this changing table as a small shelf or bed table for your kid’s room, and it’s all good. Until then, a neutral color tone changing table is just beautiful. It can be placed anywhere, can fit in any room design, and still look nice.

Best Tricks For Easier Diaper-job

Keep everything you need close and convenient to you, but out of reach for your child.

Do not leave your baby alone on the changing table. You should either have one hand on them or have a secure strap to set them in place.

Prepare some plush toys for your baby to keep them busy while you are changing the diapers.

Ensure your changing table is secure and standing stable while you’re changing.

Be aware of sharp corners.

Giving more support and comfort to your baby by a changing pad or small, waterproof mattress.

And with all of the necessary instructions above, we hope that you’ve collected enough information to choose the best changing table for your kids. If you’re interested in more household products, pay a visit to The Waterproof Lab and check out more blogs and useful tips.

We hope that a changing table will make the few first years of parenting much easier for you. It will keep you safe and sound away from such a big mess of diapers, both fresh and “not very fresh” ones, cream, baby lotion, and so on. Share your experience with us in the comment section. Which changing table have you chosen?

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